Glitter Grades

Leio Glitter is devided into grade, grade, grade for different applications with different price level for your selection.

Grade , The extremely brilliance and excellent solvent resistance allow it to use in many different fields, such as Make-up products including nail polish, hair gel. It is also used in paint and coating, as well as plastic industry.

Grade , Due to it’s good brilliance, washing-resistance and more favourable prices, a lot of our customer use it in fabric and textile printing, inks, paints, Christmas decorations and other decorative industries. It can also be used for cosmetics, but not for nail polish and hair gel, because of it is limited solvent-resistance.

Grade , The main difference of the Grade II and Grade III material is the gauge of the foil. Grade III is really a cost-effective material which can be used for all kinds of arts and crafts, and printing on textile, leather, posters e.g. Due to their limited resistance against water and solvents, washing and resistance tests prior to application is recommended.

Aluminium Glitter
It is suitable for household articles and coating industries.

Currently, there are 8 colors available. Characteristics: High temperature resistance.